Growing the passion/creator economy of Africa with

The irony of this milestone post is, I was going to hold unto it until it was $1M considering $1M is a “glossier startup figure”, but then I thought, why wait till then? In 2020, our total transactional revenue with <3k creators was $270k, and in 2021, it’s now over $550k/₦220M (Jan- Apr), plus we’ve grown to 7k+ creators in 4 months, so why not celebrate that? All-in-one ecommerce store builder to sell any kind of digital product or service. Creators on Selar sell ebooks, host their courses, trainings, services, subscriptions, memberships, literally any kind of product (including physical…

Sharing this because someone might need it transactional email summary for

I’ve been using AWS SES for about 4 years now on my project —, and one of the many reasons I love SES is because it’s cheap. You can send over 100,000 emails and it would cost less than $10. The only drawback of SES is there’s not a lot of visibility with the email logs, things like open rates, click rate and delivery rate.

There are a number of articles online about using AWS Cloudwatch to track email events and logs on AWS SES but if we’re being honest, the logs on cloudwatch are so hard to work…

Must be worms in your brains ||

I guess it’s not lost on me, that in a country like Nigeria where people in any position of power steal (with every chance they get), it’s hard to fathom that people can organize donations and not steal. So you lot resort to asking FemCo for “accountability of funds” every 3 days. It’s also not lost on me that the timing of this “quest for accountability” always coincides with whenever they get international recognition for the hardwork they put in for the EndSars protest.

One thing people fail to realize is, all the FemCo women didn’t start their first service…

She always keeps me grounded on what’s important

Asides the catchy punchlines, fun beat, and generally positive demeanor of Megan’s music, one of the many reasons I love it so much is because it keeps me grounded on what’s important: the money. Say what you want about Megan but one thing’s for sure, she doesn’t want to see you broke or messing with your bag.

I read a very sad story of an employer announcing an employee’s resignation even when she didn’t resign and a bunch of other messy stuff, and it made me sad because in so many situations employees have put their employers first and given…

You can’t eat your cake and have it

FB: Facebook

In the past few weeks there’s been a lot of ruckus about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy and all the data they take.

This post is not about the nitty gritty of the data taken, I think there are countless think pieces about that and while I might be concerned, that concern only stems from the fear of my data getting in the wrong hands (Remember Cambridge Analytica?), asides that, looking at the infographic below, what’s so special about the data taken? …

But I really tried to…

Spent the 25th on my bed with a tub of icecream, texas roadhouse and Bridgerton. My only goal for the day was to support my love, Shonda Rhimes on her first Netflix show. As a Shonda stan, I really wanted to like this show, I love everything she’s produced, Scandal, How to get away with murder, The Catch, For the people, e.t.c (Didn’t mention Grey’s Anatomy because I haven’t seen it yet. They have 17 seasons, no way I’m ever starting that).

My problem with this show is I just couldn’t care about anything, the story, the era, or the…

You haters should stop trying to poison my mind

Let me start by saying, I have very little expectations for superhero movies in general. Like if there was a bar, my expectations for superhero movies are 6ft below that bar. I watch them for the enchantment of it all. I definitely don’t even look for plot in superhero movies. I expect bright lights, beautiful people, and some action, that’s all. I’m content with that.

That being said, I saw WW84 last week, and I was blown away. Ofcourse by Gal Gadot’s beauty first, then Patty Jenkin’s greatness — every part of it was so breathtaking, it was a very…

Yeah, I’m really making this a thing now.

I think the idea of complaining is really true to my “brand” so I might keep up with these weekly posts complaining about something. As I write this, nothing comes to mind but I’m sure if I keep typing, something will.

One moment..

*Checks Twitter * ..

*Checks LinkedIn* …

*Checks Ins…*

Nevermind, found one!



Not really a complaint because I’m actually happy with the nominations this year. Everybody I like got nominated.

  • Chloe X Halle
  • Megan Thee Stallion

Scratch that, I have a complaint.

Why do they keep ignoring really great Gospel artists from these nominations?

Last year Koryn Hawthorne didn’t get her grammy win and that definitely hurt. Her…

Y’all are really weird.


I really love Twitter because everyday there’s some dumb shit going to remind you not everyone in the world is bright and it’s ridiculous to expect sense from everyone.

Summary of the screenshot: a company rep (HR?) personnel reached out to an applicant on whatsapp, and she didn’t give the most welcoming response due to not knowing who he was, and upon finding out she was remorseful but the “saint” of the guy ended the conversation.

I would really like to know

Photo Credit:

I feel like I can’t complain, but I’d love to” — Michelle Buteau

I don’t know if this is a mutlicultural city thing where people know they’re mixed with people from different places so they tend to ask this all the time, but I find it very weird and uncomfortable that if you meet someone in the UAE for the first time, regardless of the scene/setting, with the first three questions you will definitely be asked, “So where are you from?”

The weirdest part for me is, I’ve never met or seen someone for the first time and thought “Damn, I need to know where you’re from”.

What do you people do with…

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