Yeah, sure! I thought it was pretty okay. One thing I didn't mention in my post is, the main reason I hate period dramas is because of the black representation in them. It's rarely ever good (mostly depressing/bad/abysmall actually), however, with Bridgerton I kinda watched it without any prejudice because it was produced by Shonda Rhimes and based on her track record of black characters in all her shows I was very sure she wouldn't produce any show that had any odd/bad black representation.

I promise this isn't me trying to be patronizing, but I did read your review and I actually loved it! You write in a lot of detail all the annoying parts of the show, I highlighted some of the parts I loved, I think if I could explain why I didn't like the show it would be "A lot of things didn't make sense".

When you said "it completely undoes any celebration of a female character who prefers studying to suitors if she is also portrayed as a naïve ignoramus ....", I couldn't agree more! The niavity of sex for these ladies was just one thing I couldn't comprehend. sigh.

On the portrayal of blackness and how the show's portrayal seemed void of the actual reality of their experience at that time, I think I was glad that was excluded. Personally, I've seen a lot of shows with that sad/horrible black reality (especially in period dramas) that I would be happier if I don't see it anymore, and like you said, I think it was made to be a very feel good, fantasy world show released on Christmas day to make everyone feel great, so it sort of makes sense that they just kept everything "nice and joyful".

I'll definitely follow you to read more of your reviews, I liked this Bridgerton one. if you have the time, checkout Industry on HBO, I'd love to read what you'd say about that 😂

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