What can I complain about today?

I think the idea of complaining is really true to my “brand” so I might keep up with these weekly posts complaining about something. As I write this, nothing comes to mind but I’m sure if I keep typing, something will.

One moment..

*Checks Twitter * ..

*Checks LinkedIn* …

*Checks Ins…*

Nevermind, found one!


source: grammys.com

Not really a complaint because I’m actually happy with the nominations this year. Everybody I like got nominated.

  • Chloe X Halle
  • Megan Thee Stallion

Scratch that, I have a complaint.

Why do they keep ignoring really great Gospel artists from these nominations?

Last year Koryn Hawthorne didn’t get her grammy win and that definitely hurt. Her Unspottable album was such a great body of work, and the song “Speak the Name” was so spirit filled. Her losing that grammy and Rihanna getting no wins with 8 nominations definitely solidified my hate for the grammys. That being said, Chloe x Halle and Megan better get that grammy in 2021, I still care about those.

Also, where’s the nomination for Maverick City Music? I’d really like to speak to a manager. They didn’t release the best worship album in the most chaotic year only to be ignored!

Maverick City, Vol. 3 Part 1 was the best album Gospel album in 2020 — this is not up for debate, seconded by Maverick City, Vol. 3 Part 2, their latest album.

Part 1 had: Promises (my uttermost fave), Man of your word, Have my Heart, Thank you, and a lot of other spirit filled songs. I mean!! Sigh.

The grammys nominates the same three artists every year (except this year, they added Kanye West), which if I must say, well deserved, Jesus is King was great, but why is it that every time I look at the Gospel nominations I can barely recognize any Gospel song that was even moving? smh.

I hope they do better next year.

That being said, if COVID allows us next year, I’d definitely love to go to a Maverick City Music concert. I know it would be amazing!

Speaking of an artist that got a lot of nominations, lately I’ve been listening to Paper Rings a lot and I’m really annoyed about it because I’m against everything that song stands for. I should know better. sigh.



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