Utilizing my joblessness

I worked on Selar.co a lot more and the results are very encouraging

Me for the first two weeks
Paystack dashboard chart for the year, peep the growth in the past 2 months👀

Fun facts:

Over 90% of Mount Zion films paying customers are in Nigeria, which makes this Jason Njoku tweet very deep https://twitter.com/JasonNjoku/status/885772163764146176 (Nigerians buy content yo! don’t play yourself).

Also, when I told Shola(my boss at the time) about our Mount Zion collaboration in May, his first suggestion was that we go with streaming as opposed to downloads, but I was too lazy to attempt doing it — do I wish I did it then? Not so sure.

http://api.selar.co/v1/merchants/mountzion — Merchant Profile

http://api.selar.co/v1/merchants/mountzion/products — Paginated list of products from a merchant

Website widget in action




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Douglas Kendyson

Douglas Kendyson


I complain about things (I care about) // Software engineer // Currently building Selar.co // douglas@selar.co