Here we go again with you bums trying to make FemCo look like a villian

Must be worms in your brains

Douglas Kendyson
3 min readMar 12, 2021 ||

I guess it’s not lost on me, that in a country like Nigeria where people in any position of power steal (with every chance they get), it’s hard to fathom that people can organize donations and not steal. So you lot resort to asking FemCo for “accountability of funds” every 3 days. It’s also not lost on me that the timing of this “quest for accountability” always coincides with whenever they get international recognition for the hardwork they put in for the EndSars protest.

One thing people fail to realize is, all the FemCo women didn’t start their first service to the public with the EndSars protest, I’ve been following a few of them on Twitter for quite some time, and if you can simply read (the info is right there on Twitter), you’d see that they’ve all had service to public initiatives countless times in the past, taken donations and were accountable for it, so why do you think they’d do differently with EndSars donations????? I remember some years back, @duchesskk on Twitter took donations for something she did to give people (it’s so far back I can’t remember the details), I didn’t know who she was then but what struck me was how she shared a VERY DETAILED breakdown of every kobo donated, I had never seen that before, especially because she didn’t even have to do that, she just chose to be accountable. The same goes to the rest of the founding team. EndSars is not their first rodeo with this, they’re not poor, they’re literally all bad b*tches, and so, this is embarassing and quite annoying to see play out.

Every time you bums start your shit, they share proof on their website and social media channels but you cretins will never be satisfied because it’s not about the accountability. If it were, you’d be badgering your elected officials every day for the funds they’re consistently diverting from improving your life — your actual right. It’s not about accountability, it’s about jealousy, hate, disbelief that people can be geniune, anti-feminism, foolishness, ignorance and good ol’ misogyny.

While I think there’s a strong reading comprehension problem at play here, I think it goes beyond that, I see you guys aren’t even trying to put in any effort to seek information. Every info you need is on FemCo’s website, so why all this? The information you need is always within reach so why choose to be stupid? Check their IG( & Twitter(@feminist_co) for any more info you need, it’s right there.

It’s painful to watch hardworking people that did the work they did because they cared when literally no one did, and here we are, you bums slandering them every two weeks.

It’s also painful to see this play out because everyday we talk about how Nigeria’s biggest problem is bad leadership, and here we have selfless people that stepped us to not just be good leaders but help in a very crazy time and now everyday they have to defend their integrity to idiots.

What does this mean for people on the sidelines thinking of ways they want to help grow Nigeria? Looks like we’re telling everyone to better not try because it will bite them in the ass, and before you say “WelL a leAdeR wOuLdn’T cArE about pUblIc oPinIoN” don’t be stupid, no one can stand character assasination every day of their lives. You know these people have lives outside service right? Like this is not their full time job, they have things they care about. Sigh.

Anyway, it’s 1AM and I’m tired of ranting about this, you bums don’t deserve rights, and you should do better. Oh, and here’s their statement about the latest accusations, I know you bums won’t read it.



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