Not you FB ads users complaining about the new WhatsApp privacy policy 🙄

You can’t eat your cake and have it

Douglas Kendyson
3 min readJan 14, 2021

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In the past few weeks there’s been a lot of ruckus about WhatsApp’s new privacy policy and all the data they take.

This post is not about the nitty gritty of the data taken, I think there are countless think pieces about that and while I might be concerned, that concern only stems from the fear of my data getting in the wrong hands (Remember Cambridge Analytica?), asides that, looking at the infographic below, what’s so special about the data taken? Maybe I’m too techy but I actually assumed all apps take this much data from their users already (maybe this is the problem lol).


Compared to other messaging apps, yes, they’re taking too much but aren’t they taking so much just to offer better targetted ads to users? If that’s the main reason, I personally don’t see the problem, I too as a user would like to see ads that match what I actually care about.

The main thing I find really ridiculous is many of you use FB ads today, I mean they wouldn’t be this rich if you all don’t use them, and when you use them you expect laser targeting to be able to show your product/brand to the right people that will convert, so if you expect FB to deliver that how do you think they do that? Magic? Ofcourse they use user data!

Of all the people complaining about deleting WhatsApp and how they don’t like their data being shared, the ones that irk me the most are people I know depend on FB ads for their business to survive. It’s funny because even if you don’t have a business but are employed, you most likely work for a company that’s dependent on FB ads to deliver great results, and that can only happen when they get so much information from everyone,…. so what’s not adding up?

“if you’re not paying for the product, you are the product”

A very popular quote, and it applies to both business owners and normal users too. How can you have a free 24/7 product where you get to pay nothing forever and think that’s fair? So the people paying for their servers to be on 24/7 for billions of people are doing it for free? Let’s be serious here.

I know I sound like I’m a Facebook fan, it’s really not that. I just think you all are being hypocrites, that’s all. Also, you’re not leaving WhatsApp 🙄, we all know you won’t. For those of you that temporarily tried Signal, we know you’ll be back, don’t worry.

In summary, for you people that use FB ads and expect it to generate great results and still complain WhatsApp is taking too much data, stop being hypocrites 🙄



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