I tried to explain to my friend why Anthony Joshua’s interview response was wrong

Never underestimate the depth of misogyny in Nigeria. Never!

I already had a post ready to be published today, but when I shared it with my friends, they didn’t see the sarcasm in it, so I’ll have to rewrite it. smh. Nonetheless, I feel like posting today, so here’s a post about something that happened today.

It’s always funny how some interview questions reveal things about the person being interviewed that was probably not even the intention of the interviewer.

A Twitter user shared a screenshot of this interview response, and a lot of people had a lot to say. Even though I’m off social media, I do a routine stalk of my friends to see who’s embarrassing me and who isn’t. In the course of my latest sweep, I stumbled on an ugly tweet my “friend” RT’d. So I reached out to him to ask him why he did such. hehe.

Heres the chat that followed:

Clearly, he wasn’t going to be swayed, but at least I tried. 😒

I think I wasn’t overreacting, but feel free to share your thoughts.

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I complain about things (I care about) // Software engineer // Currently building Selar.co // douglas@selar.co

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