Christian trump supporters disgust me

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It’s the foolishness for me. It really makes no sense. So you as a Christian, that believes in the Bible, and the ultimate command from Jesus which is Love everyone will go ahead to discriminate people or support people that discriminate people?

*In Rihanna’s voice* You look so dumb right now

Saw the first five seconds of the Paula white twitter video and I wanted to puke, I don’t want to watch till the end because I’m geniunely allergic to nonsense and I don’t want to insult a “minister” of God.

However, I would still say, if you’re a Christian that’s a trump supporter, or even just a trump supporter in general, you’re very stupid, like very very stupid because I don’t see why anyone with a brain will be aligned to anything trump stands for, to name a few: misogyny, islamophobia, racism, classism, sexual assault, sexual harrasment, lying, discrimination, indimidation, locking people in cages. Like DAMN!, you have to be blind, deaf, and ignorant to accept all of this. Although, now that I list all of those things out, there are a few intersections with the Church of today so I see why they might be down for trump… but we don’t need to talk about that now.

My only question to any of you would be, what is Christ like in trump?

Anyway, y’all disgust me and make me sick.

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