Bridgerton: I just don’t care

Spent the 25th on my bed with a tub of icecream, texas roadhouse and Bridgerton. My only goal for the day was to support my love, Shonda Rhimes on her first Netflix show. As a Shonda stan, I really wanted to like this show, I love everything she’s produced, Scandal, How to get away with murder, The Catch, For the people, e.t.c (Didn’t mention Grey’s Anatomy because I haven’t seen it yet. They have 17 seasons, no way I’m ever starting that).

My problem with this show is I just couldn’t care about anything, the story, the era, or the characters, especially the characters they were all unlikeable (to me). They were all basic and their problems were so trivial — getting a suitor, not bringing shame to your family, avoiding a scandal, getting babies, not getting babies, urgh. I tried so hard to connect with the distopian world. I don’t know much of the regency days but damn that must have been stressful for women. I struggled watching every episode, alternating between rolling my eyes and muttering “Just for you Shonda, just for you babes”.

The show only got interesting (to me) by Episode 7 & 8. I just can’t put my finger on exactly why, but I think the triviality of the w**** ***l problems that made it so hard to connect with all through the season.

The last time I was this apathetic about a show’s characters was when I watched Netflix’s Sweet Magnolias. After the season finale I went to see what people had to say on twitter and I saw everyone was freaking out over the final scene of the season finale and what happened to the kids, and in my mind I was thinking “Bitch! I don’t give AF” , those bad ass (not to be confused with badassery) kids could all die and I’d breathe a sigh of relief. They were all badly behaved. Any one of them could die and I would even be happier to see the season 2, quite frankly, I’ll be happier if all of them died, let’s start the season 2 on a clean slate with sensible people. Reckless kids doing dumb shit, I feel nothing for their dumb ass.

Anyway, back to bridgerton; so if I wasn’t sure before, I’m very sure now that I hate period dramas, especially the ones without supernatural powers. The only reason I don’t “regret” my 8 hours+ is because I spent is supporting Shonda, she deserves. I’m also sure if this was a random show on netflix by a different creator I would’ve given up in the first 20 minutes. Things I do for love. sigh. Speaking of love, urghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, there was this theme of people doing dumb shit and excusing reckless behavior for love, and that shit irked me. Why that? There was this unspoken love between the main characters (I don’t care enough to remember their names) just persevering through the foolishness. sigh. I didn’t even find the romance between the two of them exciting. Everything was very bland.

Few things that gave me joy though; Eloise and her badassery, if I watch the next season it will be because of her and Penelope. Marina the pro-choice queen, although the doctor telling her “So you think a tea was all it took” made me laugh so hard 🤣 (even though I wanted her to be free so bad), Siena picking herself at the end of everything also gave me joy, basically, everyone that chose to think with their brain and not their private part. The rest of the cast can choke, I didn’t like any of them and I’m not looking forward to season 2.

Shonda please, give me something to care about next. I know you can.


Okay, those pull out scenes were mad funny 🤣🤣. BUT they were immediately sour because of how ignorant Daphne was about everything. smh. Is this really how it was so many years ago?



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