I may or may not have made this shirt for one of them

Since the beginning of time, there has always been annoying people that walked this planet, but these Swifties *cracks knuckles*

So… we get it, the doll’s THEE WRITER, she makes hits, she SELLS RECORDS (ALWAYS), she breaks charts, she’s rich, and the songs bang, but have you ever met a…

It’s right here on Google.com. It’s the first thing.

There’s an HBO documentary called The Legend of the Underground, I still haven’t seen the full film but I saw clips on Twitter when it was released. In this particular clip I watched, an HIV-positive Nigerian man talked about the discrimination and stigma he faced from his family even down…

Douglas Kendyson

I complain about things (I care about) // Software engineer // Currently building Selar.co // douglas@selar.co

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